vpaa presentsDr. Marilyn D. Cardoso, the VP for Academic Affairs and the Dean of Graduate Studies of Samar State University recently delivered a keynote speech entitled “The role of innovation and the challenges faced by the Philippine academic sector” during the Innovation Challenges in Multidisciplinary Research and Practice (ICMRP) in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia held December 17-18, 2014. Among the keynote speakers, VP Cardoso received Shield of Honor Plaque for an "A" keynote speech. VP Cardoso also presented a research paper entitled “Organizational climate: Its implication to job satisfaction and performance of personnel in state universities and colleges in Eastern Visayas, Philippines”. She also was the session chair for track A - Business, Management and Economic Studies where she received plaque of commedation.

The forum with main theme “Lets help all fields grow together to serve the society in a better way” aimed to discuss the importance of multidisciplinary innovation and its role in overall growth and sustainability of the countries.  In attendance were scholars /scientists / engineers/ researchers / practitioners / students.

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