cdrj webThe Countryside Development Research Journal (CDRJ) successfuly hurdled the journal accreditation by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). On March 30, 2015, the Joint Management Committee and Commision en Banc of CHED has approved the accreditation of 20 journals out of more than 70 journals submitted for accreditation. CDRJ got a catgeory B (national level) journal accreditation.

Challenged with the “national level” (category B) accreditation, CDRJ Editorial Board has decided to make the journal more accessible not only locally but also outside of the country through the Amongst all journal accredited by CHED, only Category A-1 are accessible on-line while many of the Category A-2 and Category B journals remains to be only in printed form. Before the year ends, CDRJ will be submitted for another round of accreditation, this time targeting category A accreditation. Catgeory A-1 are journals included in the ISI master list and Category A-2 for other journals with international level quality. 

CDRJ Editorial Board is now looking into ways to make the articles in the journal be indexed by reputable indexing companies/organizations to track performance of CDRJ such as citation for its researches/researchers and impact factor for the journal.

Category: Research