Publication in a refereed journal is one of the weakest aspects of the Philippine Higher Education Institutions. The Philippines has lagged behind our neighboring institutions even in the Southeast Asian Region. Publication is one of the major accomplishments of any higher education institution. It improves the academic reputation of a University which is expected to be active in producing new knowledge-based products.  By publication in a refereed journal, a personnel in HEI contributes to the body of knowledge. This new knowledge serves as springboard for others to the next level.

In the past several years, Commission on Higher Education of the Philippines has been pushing HEIs in the country to produce more and more publications. In answer to the challenge of CHED to be productive in journal publication, SSU-PRE together with the College of Graduate Studies conducted a Seminar-Workshop for Research Output Publication in Refereed Journals. Dr. Rotacio Gravoso of the Visayas State University, an Associate Editor of the Anals of Tropical Research was the resource person. The seminar-workshop was conducted September 16 until September 23 where the participant is to submit their research project in jounral form ready for submission to specific journal where they desire to publish their paper. This workshop was conducted to capacitate its faculty in publishing scholarly work in refereed journals. The enthusiasm of those who attend to publish in a refereed journal was very high and SSU management is very hopeful that 2014 will be productive year in terms of refereed journal publication.

SSU grants PhP 35,000.00 for a refereed publication in an ISI/Scopus/Thompson Reuters/ recognized journals and PhP 25,000.00 for other types of refereed journal of acceptable reputation.

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