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  • Grandslam Again, 6 awards.
    SSU won all 3 places in the Regional Invention Contest and Exhibit (RICE 2015)Sibol-College Category. Two places in the Creative Research and one in the Utility Model Category.

CDRJSamar State University submitted the Countryside Development Journal (CDRJ), a refereed journal to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) for accreditation. It hopes to qualify level A accreditation or the least level B wherein level A1 is the highest. Level B is considered national level journal while A and A1 are international journal in the definition of CHED-JAS. A1 categorized journals are those indexed by Thompson Reuters. Papers submitted are submitted to external experts reviewers.

Currently, the IT personnel of SSU is establishing an online format of the journal and hopefuly be able to submit for indexing. Indexing is very important for journals for easy tracking of its performance like citation count and journal impact factor. Journals without the online indexing lacks credibility. Reputable indexing organizations includes Thompson Rueters and Scupos to name a few.

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